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Do I need to sort my clothes before My Laundry Bucket pickup?

  • My Laundry Bucket sorts before your clothes before washing; as such, you don’t necessarily have to
    sort items before we pick up. However, it ensures that the optimal like-like balance is achieved based
    on your clothes’; preference for washed together if you type-sort them before. As such, if you have
    clothes that you what to be wash in a unique way, please let us know when we pick up.


Does My Laundry Bucket have a referral program?

  • Yes, we, My Laundry Bucket Does have a referral program. We will give you a $500 discount for every new
    person you refer to our service once they use the referral code REFERRAL 1 when they are booking.


What do you do at My Laundry Bucket?

  • My Laundry Bucket is an in-home or in-office laundry pickup and delivery service. We will come to you, collect,
    wash, press, or dry clean your clothes and return them to you within 24hrs.